Event TitleEvent ReferenceStart DateBook
Starting Out In Civil Protection2019/45/PA04 Nov 201910692-epc
Developing and Embedding Business Continuity Management2019/45/NC2OS06 Nov 201911287-epc
Current Practice in Crowd Safety Management2019/45/ND2OS07 Nov 201911286-epc
Crisis Communications in Emergencies2019/46/PA11 Nov 201910688-epc
Working in Safety Advisory Groups2019/46/NBOS12 Nov 201911002-epc
Working in Safety Advisory Groups2019/46/NB1OS12 Nov 201911520-epc
Strategic Emergency and Crisis Management 2019/46/PC13 Nov 201910712-epc
Public Safety at Festivals and Mass Gatherings2019/47/PA18 Nov 201910682-epc
Working in Safety Advisory Groups2019/47/PC20 Nov 201910673-epc
Introduction to Crowd Safety Managment2019/47/NCOS20 Nov 201911385-epc
Temporary Demountable Structures2019/47/PD22 Nov 201911289-epc
Introduction To Crowd Safety Management2019/48/PA25 Nov 201910675-epc
Working in Safety Advisory Groups2019/48/NBOS26 Nov 201911187-epc
Planning for Recovery Management2019/48/PC27 Nov 201911102-epc
Strategic Emergency and Crisis Management 2019/48/PD28 Nov 201911291-epc
Improving Risk Management in Civil Protection2019/48/ND1OS28 Nov 201911462-epc
Introduction to Business Continuity2019/49/PA102 Dec 201910737-epc
Safety At Sporting Venues2019/49/PA202 Dec 201911089-epc
Working in Safety Advisory Groups2019/49/NBOS03 Dec 201911414-epc
Event Licensing2019/49/PC104 Dec 201911096-epc

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