Event TitleEvent ReferenceStart DateBook
The BCI Good Practice Guidelines (CBCI)2019/50/PB10 Dec 201910741-epc
Certificate Of The BCI (CBCI) Examination2019/50/PE13 Dec 201910745-epc
Cross Government Business Continuity Conference2019/51/NA16 Dec 201910980-epc
Introduction to Business Continuity2020/03/PD16 Jan 202011530-epc
Crowd Psychology For Crowd Safety Management2020/04/PA120 Jan 202011496-epc
CM3 - Crowd Modelling, Management & Movement 2020/04/NBOS21 Jan 202011348-epc
Debriefing Emergencies And Exercises 2020/04/PC22 Jan 202011323-epc
Improving Risk Management In Civil Protection2020/05/PC29 Jan 202011489-epc
Working in Safety Advisory Groups2020/06/NAOS03 Feb 202011125-epc
Tactical Emergency Management2020/06/PA103 Feb 202011356-epc
Working in Safety Advisory Groups2020/06/NC1OS05 Feb 202011126-epc
Business Continuity Masterclass2020/06/ND1OS06 Feb 202011619-epc
Planning For Recovery Management2020/07/PA10 Feb 202011332-epc
Public Safety at Festivals and Mass Gatherings2020/07/PA110 Feb 202011495-epc
Developing and Embedding Business Continuity Management2020/07/NBOS11 Feb 202011288-epc
Emergency Control Centre Operations2020/07/PC12 Feb 202011325-epc
Exercising Crisis And Business Continuity Plans2020/08/PA17 Feb 202011638-epc
Introduction To Crowd Safety Management2020/09/PA24 Feb 202011491-epc
The BCI Good Practice Guidelines (CBCI)2020/09/PA124 Feb 202011536-epc
Introduction To Civil Protection2020/09/PC26 Feb 202011604-epc

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