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Event TitleEvent ReferenceStart DateBook
Human Aspects and Civil Society2020/30/PC222 Jul 202012025-epc
Learning Lessons2020/30/PD223 Jul 202012007-epc
Human Aspects and Civil Society (NI)2020/29/PE217 Jul 202012062-epc
Recovery2020/29/PC215 Jul 202012018-epc
Managing Concurrent Events2020/29/PB214 Jul 202012012-epc
Learning Lessons2020/29/PA113 Jul 202012003-epc
Human Aspects and Civil Society2020/30/PC122 Jul 202012022-epc
Recovery Management (Scotland)2020/29/PE117 Jul 202012068-epc
Business Continuity Masterclass For Senior Managers2020/33/PA10 Aug 202011548-epc
The BCI Good Practice Guidelines (CBCI)2020/33/PB11 Aug 202011534-epc
Writing Contingency Plans2020/34/PA17 Aug 202011329-epc
Strategic Emergency and Crisis Management 2020/34/PC19 Aug 202011302-epc
Starting Out In Civil Protection2020/37/PA07 Sep 202011300-epc
Certificate Of The BCI (CBCI) Examination2020/33/PE14 Aug 202011538-epc
Introduction To Crowd Safety Management2020/36/PC02 Sep 202011494-epc
Exercising Crisis And Business Continuity Plans2020/39/PC23 Sep 202011370-epc
CM3 - Crowd Modelling, Management & Movement2020/40/PC30 Sep 202011483-epc
Public Safety at Festivals and Mass Gatherings2020/40/PA28 Sep 202011498-epc
Spectator Safety Management2020/41/PA105 Oct 202011508-epc
Planning For Recovery Management2020/42/PA12 Oct 202011335-epc

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